You aren't defined by one moment in your story

I’m going to venture a bit off the writing topic in this post, but it’s all connected, you’ll see. In yoga today, my teacher said something that really stuck.

I’m sure I can’t capture all of her brilliance, but the essence was: “Everything is fluid. Everything can change from one moment to the next – events, your mood, your circumstances, and decisions you make. You aren’t defined by one moment.”  

 She was putting this in the context of yoga of course. She wanted us to feel better about our right side possibly being tighter than our left, or not being able to do a pose in one moment that was easy the moment before. That reassurance helped. The struggle is always real with yoga, especially for recovering perfectionists like yours truly.

Yet, as it tends to during yoga, my mind wandered and I started to think about how life appears so permanent sometimes. Days can seem to stretch on forever, and life circumstances can feel stagnant.

Yet, this one little mantra, “everything is fluid”, gave me a new perspective on change. Sometimes change can come about so slowly. When you’re really in the thick of it, trying to make a change, the lack of seeing immediate results can seem like change is making a mockery of you.

“You’re doing all this work,” Change says, “But nothing has really happened, has it?” Yet what if we saw this differently?

What if instead we see change as a series of fluid moments leading us to the moment that things actually change? 

What if we always have the power to make changes, even if it seems like it’s too late, in the third act of our stories? 

What if when one moment doesn’t go exactly as planned, there’s always another moment and another decision to make after that one?  

There’s always time to make a new decision, to switch courses, or to painstakingly remain on that same course. Sometimes success can look exactly like that – a series of moments in which we decide to remain on the same course.

So my advice on this bleary, chill your bones wintry day is this: remember that you always have the power to make a decision that will lead to another decision that will actually affect real change in your life. Including decisions you make in your writing (I told you it was all connected, right?)

I would love to hear your thoughts on permanence, moments, and decisions in the comments below!

Happy early Thanksgiving!