What did I really mean to say?

My grandma always says, “Listen to what I mean, not what I say.” I always laugh, since it’s a phrase that completely excuses anything that’s unclear. It totally works for my grandma, who is the ultimate oral storyteller. There’s always room for a clarification or time for someone to ask a question.

It would be lovely for everyone to always know what you mean to say, but when writing, you don’t always get the chance to answer questions or clarify your statements. People are reading them, and if you’re being unclear, they often stop reading.

So, a good way to get ahead of confusion is to read your work out loud and ask yourself, “What did I really mean to say?” Often we get caught up in using the perfect phrase or perfect word when really what we meant to say, raw and real, can be exactly what we should type.

Go forth and tell the world exactly what you mean to say!

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