The Sunday after Christmas (aka Felix's Festivus)

Hell hath no fury like a cat who was left by his humans for a few days.
— Julie Lenard

‘Twas the Sunday after Christmas

And all through the night

Felix (the cat) celebrated Festivus

And decided that things just weren’t right


His humans had left him and Oscar all weekend

With but one feeding per day

There was no constant companion to curl up with

And he didn’t even have a say!


So early Monday morn

There arose such a clatter

That Julie (who had decided to awaken at an ungodly hour to go to yoga)

Decided to see what was the matter


The rug was bunched up

The Christmas cards were scattered

Even the photo lay on the floor

Felix clearly demonstrated who mattered!

He of course was hiding in his special, very secret spot

So he only heard the shriek

“FELIX”!! “Haha”, he thought, “I’ve showed them”

This will surely be a different week!