The stories we make up in our heads and why writing down different stories in their places can help

We’ve all been there, we’re all there, and we will all be there at some point in the future, if not later today. These stories we make up in our heads can be so dangerous – one, because they are so convincing, and two, because we often aren’t even aware that we are making them up.

We make up stories like, “I can’t do this”, “I’m a failure”, “Everyone else is where I’m supposed to be”, etc., etc., and the trouble is that we start believing them. For those sensitive souls out there (like me), these stories can really prevent us from moving forward.

Once I write something down (and usually handwrite it), it becomes more real to me. So I’ve found that replacing those stories with other stories, and writing them down, can help. “I can’t do this” gets replaced with, “I’ve never done this before, so it’ll be exciting and challenging.” “I’m a failure” gets replaced with, “I’ve had a few setbacks, but things will turn around”, and “Everyone else is where I’m supposed to be” gets replaced with “You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.”

Of course, simply writing things down can’t change everything. It’s often what you do after you write something down that counts the most. But writing it down is the first step. For me, it gives me that extra boost that propels me forward.

So, what story will you write down today?