Weekly Writing Challenge

Ready for a challenge this week? Let's try a little bit of writing, shall we?

Whether you want to write about yourself for personal reasons, to share with family, or to publish, it's no easy task. It’s often so hard to write about yourself, and to see yourself as a three-dimensional character in a story.

So, we’re going to do a bit of fun self-investigation. The goal of these prompts is to get you thinking about different aspects of your personality. There’s no requirement for answer length; answer in as many or few words as you wish. Do not worry about spelling, grammar, or punctuation. The emphasis instead is on self-expression.

Continue the following prompts:

  • People usually describe me as…. 
  • I wish people would describe me as….
  •  If I was a color, I would be……because….
  •  The place that makes me the happiest in the world is…
  •  The thing that makes me the most angry is…
  •  If my ten-year old self could talk to me right now, this is what my inner child would say…
  •  I care the most about….
  •  Create your last prompt! Run with it!

If you joined in on this activity today, I would love if you could share one of your answers in the comments below, or, share with me directly!