Walking my walk

It’s funny how I can fool myself, sometimes. Let me know if this happens to you too.

You talk enough about something that it’s almost as if you are doing it. But you’re not.

Like when you talk so much about cooking, read all these cooking blogs, buy all these recipes, and realize that you actually have been eating take-out for the past two weeks. Does that ring a bell?

In my case, it happened to be, ahem, writing and reading. Oh, you know, those two things that I’ve happened to build a business around.

Those very things that we really want to do can seem so intimidating when we’ve put them on a pedestal.

For me, the more I talked about how valuable reading and writing was, the less I actually did of it. The more I talked about how much more I got out of reading and writing than watching Netflix, the more Netflix I watched. I felt less and less like myself, because the written word has always been such a big part of my identity. 

Finally, I knew something had to give, so I sought out some resources. I’ve only been doing the exercises in The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron for a little while, but I already feel like a writer again. I write at least three of what she calls “morning pages” every day (i.e., stream of consciousness pages first thing in the morning), which gets the process going. I find that once I get started, I want to continue.

The hardest part is always starting.

She also has some other writing prompts that delve deep into the identity of an artist. I’ve also been doing Sarah Peck’s 30 day writing challenge, which takes about 5 minutes a day. It’s amazing what can happen in little bits and spurts. For those of you who think devoting time to things that bring you joy has to be a huge block of time, it doesn’t.

For reading, honestly what got me started again was setting a goal of reading 50 books this year in Goodreads. I realized quickly that I would have to read each day, so I got to it. Also, using the app “Balanced” (in the free version, you can have 5 things you want to consistently be doing), has helped – and a little reminder will pop up if I haven’t read or written that day.

This is simply what’s been working for me, and what I’ve been trying to do. I'm not an affiliate of any of these resources - this is just me, sharing. Whatever gets you going is worth the initial resistance to start.

Believe me, doing the things that bring you joy and feed you as a person are worth fighting for.

I would love to hear how you are walking your walk, and tips you have for supporting your passions along the way in the comments below.