Dealing with the stuff you don’t want to deal with through writing

Do you ever feel like you can’t get that heavy feeling off your chest, or can’t seem to clear away those cobwebs from your brain? Whatever you’re doing, really you are making to-do lists in your head at the same time, and it feels like all of your energy is focused on trying to stay focused?

I’ve found that when I’m really uneasy about something, I have the tendency to let it fester and it becomes way bigger than it really is. I picture it as a huge blobby creature, rapidly growing in size. Suddenly, it’s out of control, and in my story, I’m cowering beneath my blankets, not wanting to get out of bed.

In my experience, the only thing that really stops the madness and helps me deal with the stuff I don’t want to deal with is writing down what I’m avoiding.

Once I write down the list (aka things that I am avoiding), I can really get to work. I’ve found that this is usually different than your average to-do list. The to-do list, while containing some pretty important things like laundry, usually contains some pretty innocuous stuff. The things I am avoiding list for me currently includes some bigger things like figuring out how to do taxes as a first-time entrepreneur. That’s the heavy stuff that turns into a huge blob if I don’t name it.

Once I write it down the list of things I’m avoiding, I write some steps I can take to start dealing with each item, and ways I can get support. Then, I can start taking action and crossing things off the list. The way I think about it, the longer it stays in my head and off the page, the more dangerous it gets.

Let me know if you try this technique and it works for you! What works for you when you are trying to avoid something that’s hard to deal with?