When the longest piece of writing you've written lately is an email...

Do you ever feel like you don’t know how to write anymore? Sure, everyone writes emails, you may write memos, and you may prep for multiple presentations. Yet if you don’t have a journaling or creative writing practice, and unless you’re specifically in a creative field, you may find yourself not really having that much of a chance to practice those skills that you honed throughout your K-12 education and beyond.

If you are feeling a bit shaken in your writing abilities, here are some thoughts and tips to get you back on that horse.

  • You didn’t forget how to write.

I promise. Sure, it may feel like slogging through mud a bit at first, but just like riding a bike, writing is one of those amazing skills that you have under your belt – you just need to access it.

  • You knew this was coming – practice!

Writing leads to more writing. The more you write, the more comfortable you’ll feel with it. Start with some simple journaling in a no-stakes, comfortable setting where you don’t have to show your work to anyone, and you can play around with putting words together in a way that makes your heart sing.

  •   Find a writing partner, group, or coach.

If you know that you’ll be checking in with someone to see how you’re writing is going, you’ll be much more likely to do it. We humans seem to thrive on accountability.

  • Read.

If you aren’t feeling inspired to write, chances are, you may not be reading a variety of genres. You may be reading reports at work, but I want to invite you to read some delicious fiction, some poetry, or even some comics. Switch it up, and you’ll get more ideas for your writing.

  • Have someone look over your writing.

Here’s where an editor comes in. An editor can look over your writing objectively and help you with the flow, the style, and all those little annoying commas to make sure they are ideally placed.

  • Give yourself some grace.

You know the drill. Rome wasn’t built in a day, things don’t happen overnight, and most likely, when you start writing after not writing for so long, it won’t feel natural, and it might not even feel good. Try to balance staying motivated while also doing it in bite-sized chunks. Go slow. Ease in.

In my opinion, if you write, you’re a writer. This is my invitation to you to start writing again. You’ve got this!

Does anyone have more tips to start writing again, after not writing for a long time? Please share them below.