Your Stories Matter, and here's why

This is the first video I've ever created. Enjoy!

Today, I want to remind you that your stories matter. You may not be feeling like they do. Life may be beating you down, you may feel like you’re not the one writing your own stories, and you may feel that even if you were, who would want to hear them anyways?

It’s those moments that are the turning points, those moments that are the most important, those moments when we can say, I’m writing my own narrative, and I can take my stories wherever I want them to go. Those are the life-changing moments.

When I talk about writing our own stories, I mean that ultimately, we are responsible for our own lives and the direction we want to take them. Of course that’s so much easier said than done.

You may be telling yourself a lot of different stories right now. So many of those stories we don’t even realize are there. Those stories, whispering, “you are not enough”, “you are not creative”, “you are not interesting”, “you’ll never amount to anything”, “you are stuck”, “you need to be perfect”. Those stories are tall tales, my friend. Pure fiction, and not the delicious kind, that can occupy an entire Saturday with a side of chocolate.

Those stories matter. Share those stories with people you love and trust, so they can listen, acknowledge, and let you in on your real stories, which may be in hiding.

You may have stories of great passion you want to share with the world. Stories that cast light on people whose stories are underwritten, stories that will change the way we think of a group of people, stories that remind us of our purpose to make the world better.

Those stories matter. Share those stories with the world, so we all can grow together.

You may have stories of lessons you’ve learned, difficult times you’ve gone through, moments when you wanted to give up, but you didn’t.

Those stories matter. Share those stories with your community, so people can learn right alongside you.

If our stories matter, then we matter, and our voices matter. Our hopes, dreams, fears, insecurities, they all matter.

Sharing your stories matters. Even if you only share them with yourself. In my belief, the worst thing you can do is not share your story at all, to censor your voice.

The minute we start believing our stories don’t matter, we stop sharing them. When we stop sharing our stories, we lose collection, reflection, inspiration, and wisdom.

The reason why I do the work I do is to fight for those stories, to listen to the ramblings and pull the stories out of the weeks, to reflect your amazing stories back at you.

I fight for all stories, and your stories matter.

If you want support, love, story midwifery, and superhuman listening to tell your story, connect with me and let’s chat about it. I promise you, you’ve got a story, and it matters.