Motivational Monday Calls: tackling those Mondays together

Do you ever wake up on Mondays with a feeling of dread? It’s almost like the weekend has put us in an altered state. Any worries about your job, your finances, things on your to do list – it all comes back in a rush the moment you wake up. At least, this often happens to me, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

The Motivational Monday movement is inspiring to me. People try to find motivation despite those Monday blues and find ways to get excited about the week. I see lots of posts in my social media feed about Motivational Mondays, and there’s even a website dedicated to Motivational Monday, filled with quotes like “Move mountains” and “Warrior not worrier”. But what happens if you don’t feel like moving mountains, and if you are in fact a total worrier who doesn’t feel very warrior-like? Talking to a friend can help.

Every Monday, I talk to my friend Leila. She’s on the West Coast, so it’s her afternoon, and it’s my early evening. Our phone date is on our calendars, so it actually happens. We catch up, of course, but these conversations are focused, sacred. We always talk about what’s going well, what we are struggling with, and what we want for our week moving forward. Then, the next Monday, we reflect on the week before, and we’re off to the races again.

It sounds simple, right? It is, but it’s so much deeper than a conversation. We hold each other’s intentions for the week, we honor each other’s struggles, and we celebrate each other’s wins. This relationship is not one of jealousy or competition. We don’t try to hold each other down.

Somewhere along the way, we embraced the term “Motivational Monday” to encompass our chats. To me, it fits perfectly. Mondays can be hard for everyone, which is why I assume the term was coined in the first place. Yet simply trying to motivate when you don’t really feel like it just because it’s Monday can be an uphill battle. For me, knowing that I have this conversation ready to frame the week instantly puts me in a better place, even when waking up on Monday can feel like a struggle.

Interested in starting your own Motivational Monday with someone? Here’s what I would personally recommend:

Picking the right person:

  • Pick someone who is not your partner. Sure, you and your partner support each other immensely. But it’s nice to know that someone else has really got your back.
  • Pick someone who will support you, cheer you on, celebrate your wins, and hold your space for your visions and dreams. This isn’t something to share with someone who brings you down.


  • Put the phone date in your calendar. Leila and I worked up to this for months, and most Mondays, found ourselves not talking when we vaguely said, “Talk to you next week!” The calendar invite was a game changer.
  • Think about the key points of your week that you would like to share.


Reflect on the week before:

  • Share your celebrations. 
  • Share your struggles.
  • Set an intention for the week ahead.

I’ve found that a really important part of the conversation is being open to solutions. This isn’t the time to have the ultimate vent session. That can happen with another friend at any time. This more structured conversation is a time to lift each other up, but that starts within.


  • Make sure your phone date is in the calendar for the next week. Leila and I have found that also putting our intentions in the calendar can help as a visual reminder for the next week.

Bottom line – life is better when you have someone on your team. Mondays can be hard, but we don’t have to do them alone.

Let me know if you try out Motivational Monday calls, and how they work for you!