Sharing more than just the highlights

I’m the type of person who always wants to share the highlights. You know, “I landed this client”, or “I got this job”, or “I reached this milestone”.

You know what’s harder to share? “I’m working on ____, and it’s taking longer than I’ve liked.” “I’m still not sure when I’ll get to _______.” The in-between is so much harder to share. People ask, “Well, how long do you think it’s going to take?” Everyone has their own opinion on when the thing will happen, or even worse, if it will happen at all. No wonder people resist sharing the messier, in-between stories.

Yet that’s exactly the type of story I encourage my clients to share. Why? Because in that sharing lies the true nature of humanity. In sharing our journeys we can reframe our stories, connect with other people who are also in process, and ideally enjoy the process, which is a continual uphill battle.

By default, we are always going to be in the middle. If we knew how it all turned out, chances are, we wouldn’t be here anymore.

 Until then, we’ll have successes, we’ll have times when we don’t succeed, we’ll think we’ve got something and then realize we really don’t have it, and we’ll keep going. We’ll keep journeying. It’s important to remember on this journey that you’re not in it alone. Today, try to reach out to someone and share your messy, in-between, in the middle story.