The daily good (illegal) deed

I was about to pull my metro card out on the NYC subway, when he stopped me. "I'll let you through, don't worry about it." I started to protest. He insisted, saying, "I do a good deed every day. This is my good deed for the day." I thanked him profusely, and went through the turnstile for free. Who was I, after all, to stand in the way of a daily good deed, and saving $2.75?

As I stood on the sweltering platform, waiting for the subway car to appear, I looked around at all the people waiting. I wondered what would happen if all of us decided that each day, we would all perform a good deed. Would one of us carry someone's groceries when their load got too heavy? Would one of us stop someone from rushing out into the street when a car was whizzing by? Would one of us hold the door for someone for that extra minute, when all we wanted to do instead was rush ahead to our next meeting? 

And if we did, would that change anything? I would hope so. Of course need real change across America and the world right now, but we also need small acts of human kindness. We need to acknowledge each other's struggles, share in each other's joys, and recognize that we all need to help each other.

Of course, letting someone ride the subway for free isn't quite legal, and I wouldn't recommend that for your first daily good deed. 

Do you have any stories about someone doing something nice for you just because? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!