100 degree weather, a swimming hole, and some ice cream

In case you aren’t living in Philadelphia (or the East Coast), it’s hot here. I’m talking 95 degrees that feels more like 105. It’s the kind of hot where you walk outside and the heat envelops you immediately. The kind of heat that zaps your energy and makes you want to lie on your couch with a fan blowing on you, eating ice cream out of a carton. Or maybe that’s just me.

At any rate, it’s also the kind of heat that makes swimming a necessity. This past Sunday, my friend M and I set off to find a natural swimming hole on French Creek. After a few false starts (namely, me searching for the wrong French Creek on Google Maps), we found it. It was glorious – a semi-deserted stretch of creek, cool shade, a rope swing, and best of all, water.

We immersed ourselves in the water and essentially sat and floated for the next few hours. The creek wasn’t deep enough to do any serious swimming. I floated on my back, staring up at the clouds floating lazily through the sky, when I realized that for the first time in a while, my body was completely relaxed. I languidly stretched my arms over my head and – did nothing. I couldn’t remember the last time I had actually not done anything. There wasn’t anything really to do – except for chat, find sticks to throw for Gigi, M’s adorable pup, and just – float.

Eventually the creek got overrun by children and we knew it was time to go. The creek was muddy and we reveled in it, digging our fingers into the mud, playing, and relishing in the feeling of being gloriously dirty. On the way back home we stopped for ice cream, letting those last few drops run down our chins, sitting barefoot in the grass. It was the kind of day we would have thought nothing of when we were kids. But amidst my adult responsibilities and worries, doing nothing, getting dirty and not caring, and playing was exactly what I needed.

When’s the last time you allowed yourself to get dirty and/or not be productive? To just be? How did it feel? Tell me about it in the comments below!