Here's what they have to say about the Storyologist process:

Life Stories 

Working with Julie has helped me to do some of the best writing of my life. Plus she makes it a creative, encouraging process that is actually fun. Her prompts and guidance spark my creativity and her encouragement urges me on so that I want to do more and to do it better.
— Kate M.
Working with Julie as my writing coach has taught me a lot about how to put my thoughts and personal experiences together on paper. She has the ability to build a friendly relation with the client whilst remaining very professional.”
— R.M.
I feel much more confident now that I’m working with the Storyologist. I feel I can own the compliments I have received from my family and friends over the years. They told me that I was a good storyteller, they told me I was a good writer, but I could never own these compliments until we started working together.
— Fran Spooner Jarratt

Job Stories

I have relied on Julie’s writing and editing expertise more times than I can count over the past several years. Not once have I been disappointed. Her meticulous eye for the smallest of details - whether it concerns grammar, spelling, syntax, you name it - is something she brings to every single assignment. From my graduate school thesis that required editing coupled with extensive and accurate foot noting to the countless numbers of cover letters and resume re-writes I have tasked her with, Julie offers rich suggestions and precise edits. Julie sat patiently with me and helped me develop my blog, she edited and guided my initial content and has been my go-to writing consultant for my recent forays into poetry and creative writing. Julie has achieved something remarkable, striking a perfect balance between alteration and altercation. She can cut through and re-work with the best of them while at the same time offering support and encouragement with grace and a winning smile. All of that said, what I find most commendable is that Julie views herself as more than just a consultant. Rather, she views herself as a partner that is ready, willing and able to bring out the very best in clients’ writing. That is perhaps Julie’s most spectacular skill.”
— Chelsea Switzer
Julie was able to transform my resume into a clear and concise description of my professional experience and skill set. Working with Julie allowed me to see my resume from the perspective of potential employers and make it really pop. I’ll definitely be using Julie for help with my writing projects big and small in the future.”
— Darren Smith
Julie’s patience and quick thinking allowed me to feel really comfortable working with her right from the start. Sharing and reflecting ideas back and forth was really invigorating in an already rather stale job searching process. Julie was very patience and supportive. I feel like her great writing experience paired with her teaching background equals success for her as a writing coach. I love her positive energy, her excitement for writing and the way she explores new concepts.”
— Laura Naden
“Julie is wonderful at helping you tell your story in a compelling way while still remaining focused on the objectives and not sounding “pre-fabricated”. She guides you through the process to tell your story in as organic and genuine a way as possible. Loved working with her and will call on her next time I have a story to tell.”
— M.F.

Business Stories

As the Community Manager for Takorean, I’m constantly writing copy for blogs, press releases, social media and events. I rely on Julie for not only grammatical oversights but also creative input and word organization. In a high stakes job where a typo can cost you time and money, Julie is always there for us. She’ll probably even edit this testimonial for me.”
— Nicole Shearer,
Working with Julie helped my writing process immensely. She helped me figure out the themes of what I wanted to say, so that the words flowed out of me more easily. She gently prompted me to help me stay on schedule & provided editing support to clarify what I was trying to say. Working with Julie not only improved my writing, it also made my life easier.”
— Meg Casebolt, Casebolt Creative
Working with Julie was an absolute pleasure. She recently helped me edit a new white paper, and made it read smoothly and flow better than I could ever have dreamed. She was prompt, courteous and most importantly accurate!”
— Andrea Travillian, Take a Smart Step
Patient, thoughtful and insightful are words that come to mind after working with the Storyologist. Not only did you allow me to reach my goal, you helped to craft a bio and press bio that fully communicates who I am with power and punch. I’d certainly recommend your services to anyone who comes my way. It took me a while to submit my draft bio, and when you asked what was holding me back from starting, I told you that I needed the first line. Without hesitation, you sent over 6 different story starters. OMG! That was a life save. Thank you again for your ability to help me tell my story in my voice and style.
— Queenie Johnson, Founder of the School for Brilliant Thinkers/Creator of MamaBeBrilliant & CampDNI
Julie’s vision & fresh point-of-view helped us kick start a potentially difficult project into a successful start. She was very professional, responsive and easy to work with. Through her writing, she has helped identify what our target audience is looking for and translated the idea of a place into something that feels real, warm and inviting.
— Chris Vendrick, Hankin Group

 Children's Stories

Marjuan Canady.jpg
I had a great time working with The Storyologist. In less than 24 hours, The Storyologist had edits for my manuscript and excellent feedback on the flow of my story. After many months of writing, The Storyologist was able to find slight punctuation and grammatical errors that I missed. I definitely recommend working with The Storyologist!
— Marjuan Canady, Callaloo: The Legend of the Golden Coqui

Academic Stories

I was about to graduate with an English degree when Julie edited my 45 page thesis paper. Though I knew my subject, I felt I needed an editor that would help me clarify my concepts and raise my writing to another level. Julie helped me accomplish that and gave me the additional confidence I needed to know that my work was good! Thank you again Julie, I can’t wait to have you edit more work for me!”
— Andreana Franco
I wanted to present my research for a conference paper in the form of a story, one which the audience could follow and understand, so I turned to Julie, who is an expert in storytelling. Julie helped me edit and shape my talk so that it was compelling and discernible for a listening audience. Since the talk explored humor in contemporary forms of Iranian literature, I also knew I wanted to infuse humor to mirror some of the techniques I was discussing. Julie was helpful, professional and inspiring in accomplishing these goals. What I was most struck with was how quickly she helped me identify thematic threads to follow and weave throughout my paper. With her help, I was able to cut down the paper and really craft an argument that was attention grabbing. Julie’s the best and my paper was a hit thanks to her!”
— Leila Pazargadi, Ph.D
The Storyologist was a real pleasure to work with. Her professionalism is top-notch, and her manner is warm, encouraging, enthusiastic, and disarming. Due to her manner and her ability to ask incisive questions about my professional life, I was able to integrate different parts of my professional experience into a comprehensive and cohesive narrative. This process was helpful in developing my cover letter as well as in developing my narrative for interviews. The Storyologist never “just settled” for anything. She worked hard to ensure that our agreed-upon end projects really fit what I wanted to get across.

The final products (professional resume, cover letter, and interview narratives) succeeded in getting me my next job, which will be starting a psychology practice in a community health center. I recommend The Storyologist with utmost enthusiasm.”
— Karen Louise, Psy.D
Thank you, Julie! I rely on Julie to provide me with critique for academic research manuscripts and grant proposals. Although those products are outside of the general oeuvre of her training and interests, she provides prompt and critical feedback regarding the overall structure, format and flow of the work. With thanks to Julie’s thorough review, my work has been published in national and international peer-reviewed academic journals. Julie’s comments are thoughtful and detailed and I learn more about how to improve my writing skills with every opportunity I have to work with her. Her passion for writing and storytelling are vital to our collaboration. She helps me to let the science tell the story and for that, I am extremely grateful.”
— S.G.H., PhD.

Personal Statement Stories

My goal with The Storyologist was to open my brain up and pull out the stories and “trains of thought” that would be necessary for a great personal statement on my PhD applications. I have all these ideas and stories floating around in my head, and Julie really helped to filter out the ones that really belonged on the page. She was very helpful in getting the my ideas and rambling thoughts out on paper and then assisting me in structuring them for my application. I couldn’t have done it without her!
— Andrew Van Leuven
I highly recommend Julie’s services. Not only is she personable, she knows how to get the job done! While juggling my admissions essays for various doctoral programs and work duties, Julie sat down with me and helped me flush out ideas that I had a difficult time truly articulating. Without compromising my voice I was able to confidently submit my essays due to the collaborative effort that we made. I am now a student of my first choice Ph.D. program. I owe my success in part to Julie.”
— Labaron Palmer
Julie’s most striking characteristic is her creative intelligence. She is not simply very smart, but very smart in a distinctly innovative and collaborative way. She is the ultimate problem solver, building on ideas in an organic and methodical fashion. The feedback she provided for my graduate school application personal statement was absolutely invaluable. Ultimately, her drive to achieve the highest caliber of workmanship, coupled with the gift for relentless innovation, make her a truly outstanding writer, editor, blogger and friend. Thanks so much!”
— Matthew DeSoi
Julie is excellent. She is always the first person I contact about my writing. For example, I was struggling with my personal statement when applying to doctoral programs. She read some of my brainstorming paragraph and was able to verbalize my main objective. Because of Julie’s guidance, my statement was much more organized and eloquent. As a result, I was accepted to my top school, Columbia University. She becomes invested in your writing and truly appreciates the work you put into it. Her detail-oriented style of editing was truly necessary to produce excellent writing. I highly recommend her services to everyone.”
— Hanadi Shatara