"Her favorite days were the rainy ones, when there was no school. Every other day, she would have to help out around the farm but when it was raining, she was free to play. Along with her brothers and sisters, they would pop some corn and head to the barn, where they would play a hand of cards in secret. They couldn't bring cards into the house, of course, since her mother considered them the 'devil's work'. To this day, rainy days are still her favorite." - Biography excerpt

* Want to see a longer example? Click the image below or here to read one short story that I have co-created with Fran Spooner Jarratt, The Little Hut Beyond the Leopard's Lair.

You or someone you know has a story that's been wanting to come out for years. When it's told orally, it's a big hit, but the writing doesn't happen. Here's where I come in.


Step 1: INTERVIEW: You or a loved one get to tell your story to me through a carefully curated interview process. 

Step 2: CREATE: I'll showcase the true voice as I compile info, transcribe interviews, and write.

Step 3: DESIGN: Collaborating with a graphic designer, we'll design/format your book.

Step 4: CELEBRATE: Share and pass on your story!

Life Story Offerings:

Short Story:

  • Up to 3 hours of interviews with one individual/reviewing documents, pictures, and stories.
  • A 10-15 page short story.
  • One round of revisions and edits.
  • A 6x9 designed and bound book.


* Investment starts at $1500.


Short Stories:

  • Up to 6 hours of interviews with up to three individuals total/reviewing documents, pictures, and stories. 
  • A 45 - 50 page book of short stories.
  • One round of revisions/edits.
  • A 6x9 designed and bound book.


* Investment starts at $2800. 


  • Up to 9 hours of interviews with one individual/reviewing documents, pictures, and stories.
  • A 65 - 70 page biography.
  • Up to two rounds of revisions/edits.
  • A 6x9 designed and bound book.

* Investment starts at $7000. 

* Payment plans are available for each offering.

Life Story Case Study: 

Fran Spooner Jarratt grew up in the Belgian Congo in the 1940's and has desired to write a book of short stories about her childhood for years. Her goal was to be able to share her stories with her brothers and sisters, their children, and their grandchildren. However, when she tried to write down her stories, she got distracted and kept stopping herself when she felt like her writing wasn't good enough. We devised a system where Fran and I would talk every week for an hour; I would ask her questions and she would tell her stories. Afterwards, I would transcribe our call, edit, and shape her content. As a result, we are well on our way to co-creating Fran's book of short stories that she has always dreamed of. You can read one of Fran's short stories created in collaboration with The Storyologist by clicking on the image below, The Little Hut Beyond the Leopard's Lair.

I feel much more confident now that I’m working with the Storyologist. I feel I can own the compliments I have received from my family and friends over the years. They told me that I was a good storyteller, they told me I was a good writer, but I could never own these compliments until we started working together.
— Fran Spooner Jarratt

I would be honored to help you tell your life story, or the life story of someone you know.

Even if you don’t think you have a book, call the Storyologist. Talk with Julie and she will help you discover that you do have a story to tell, that it’s an important story, and that it will be important to your family. Your story will be there when the time is right for them to think about their roots, and they will be so grateful that you took the time to write these things down.
— Fran Spooner Jarratt